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Romy Kasanova Artist Statement


What my abstract work reflects most is my admiration for the beauty of movement. I strive to create a choreography of miscellaneous forms, sometimes bold and loud, other times timid. I watch the interaction between the shapes, how they dance together, converse. I can feel the tensions running and the quiet, all of it at the same time, in balance and unity.

If you, like me, want to satisfy your curiosity, I would love to invite you on this journey with me, we'll use the art as a map. Let us be led around; wander in and out, listen and explore.

I mostly use quick drying acrylics, they force me to work fast and not to think too much. I mix graceful, sweeping strokes with vigorous scribbles or with flat, static shapes, only to remove them with sandpaper. The surprise in the form of the revealed layers is a great reward.

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