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Emigrant Wilderness


"Surrounding things which inspire me often find their way into my paintings, appearing sometimes as subtle marks, sometimes in form of raging tempest. I invite you to come closer and discover shapes and colors interacting, textures, depths created by underlaying layers. Imagine each painting as a dance spectacle with me being its humble choreographer. Let yourself be lead around the painting, or just just take a leisurely stroll in it."



About Romy

Romy is a self-taught abstract artist living and creating in Prague, Czech Republic. Even though she loved drawing as a child and young adult, she rediscovered and begun pursuing her passion for art much later in life. She mostly works intuitively, without a preconceived idea, building layers and experimenting, usually letting the piece dictate the direction. She is also passionate about yoga, music, dancing, reading or being outdoors.


  • "Dynamic Composition", workshop with Jane Davies, 2014

  • "Encaustic Painting", workshops with Suzanne Bell, 2013 - 2014

  • "Creative Visionary Program", course with Nicholas Wilton, 2019

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